About me

 I'm Artash Hakobyan a contemporary artist from Armenia.

In my one-year professional career, my works are collected in lots of countries. Art is my own therapy and madness at the same time. The very moment when I stand beyond the white canvas and I understand that there is everything that depends only on my fantasy, that moments I really understand how lucky I'm to do what I love and bring positive vibes around me and to the world. I started painting when I was 14 and for so many years I do it as a hobby and didn’t share it with the world. In 2019 when the world changed by the covid situation I started sharing my works on social media and it has changed my life.

For me as a creator, it's pretty difficult to share and secede from my works. 

As for works,

My works are inspired by Pop Culture and Street Art, This is a way for me to explain my vision inside and outside of my reality. all my works highlight the key ideas of the 21st-century self-realization, Love, Happiness, Money, Success.

Pop Culture for me is made of the aesthetic of the banal; mirroring the modern life needs





Artash Hakobyan

20 November 2021